Comparison of Sound Spa to Photos

© Joy Krauthammer 

Critique and Comparison 
of my healing sound creations to my photo creations
- Joy Krauthammer

A meditation for me
following my two Kalsman Jewish Wisdom & Wellness Sound Spa Meditations this last week

I look at playing ‘music’ / Sounds of Joy, Sound Spa healing sounds, as I do also with my serious on-line photo groups. 
My intention is to play and present Sounds of Joy in the most humble/Hod and best gentle Netzach possible way.
The sounds are to help purify, just as we prepare during the Kabbalistic Sephirat  HaOmer Counting for 49 days to reach Mount Sinai. 
How can my photos heal with pleasure and best represent the Face of G*d?

In photo groups I belong to, we always hope to have people "critique" (share comments) so that we can see what doesn’t work well enough so we can learn and get better. Or, what does work well? As a group member, I am required to comment on minimum at least 6 photographers' photos each week from one album in one group. This is to help others create better photos.

What emotion is evoked in photo or sound?  
Is it healing for the viewer, the receiver?

For instance, I wonder at times when I play the singing bowls, if I do or don’t leave enough space between sounds for silence to enter (like knots between pearls)... Is there good negative and/or composition space within a photo?  Is the photo too congested, or is there a place to enter, and to rest the eyes/the mind?
Is the subject placed well, small or loud enough, too close, too far? In relationship with others?
Am I achieving the result that I want for myself or for others?
Am I in the best energy of Hod and Netzach that I can be to share?

Examples are found in 52Frames Week 18:

Do I let a sound linger long enough?  Did I ‘sing’ enough bowls or only ring them? And reach the right people, or were some out of my reach... and why?
Is one photo blossom enough to tell the story of the Holy One, or are more blossoms too many, extraneous, taking away strength?
Does the offering create serenity or anxiety?
When I play and walk amongst receivers, those are concerns if I have reached each individual, versus when I only sit and play for others without walking to others. Do I photograph from the distance to achieve result, or shoot a macro for connection?

Maybe a sound 'Comment' could tune me in as do photographers' 'Comments'...
No one ever has shared a criticism on these elements.  Maybe participants are still reverberating in sounds of Hod.
Someone yet may...
Always in Tiferet / heart I want to be better. 
And yet, I never play the same way... It's all instinctive, and the bowls sound different, react differently in every space. I may 'blow' on the bowls, and the wind blows the flowers.

So many variables. I’m breathing deeply even as I write this, because in Kavannah, I want Sounds of Joy to reach in Netzach the right places/people in the right way for that moment. 
I am grateful in Hod when I hear that my photos heal, and when I hear people have relaxed in my Sound Spa.

I look forward to being in Netzach/successful in my musical intention, striving to be better, to be received well playing restful healing sounds that make a difference. Hod is reverberation, the echo of my humility and gratitude of the Holy One Who plays me. I am grateful giving Hoda'ah / thanks for the splendor of gifts given to me to share with the universe.

After spontaneously writing the above, I realize my thoughts are in the energies of tonight's Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer Netzach sh b'Hod.   
Of course, this makes sense. Baruch Hashem

I look forward to being in Netzach/successful in my musical intention, striving to be better, to be received well playing restful healing sounds that make a difference. Hod is reverberation, the echo of my humility and gratitude of the Holy One Who plays me. I am grateful in Hoda'ah for the splendor of gifts given to me to share with the universe.
~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Kabbalistic Sephirat HaOmer  ספירת העומר

Tonight, Tuesday night, May 5, 2015, we count thirty-two days,
which is four weeks and four days of the Omer.

by Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Day Four of Week 5: Netzach of Hod

Examine the strength and endurance of your humility. Does my humility withstand challenges? Am I firm in my positions or do I waffle in the name of humility?

Humility and modesty should not cause one to feel weak and insecure. Netzach of hod underscores the fact that true humility does not make you into a "doormat" for others to step on; on the contrary, humility gives you enduring strength. Is my humility perceived as weakness? Does that cause others to take advantage of me?

Exercise for the day: Demonstrate the strength of your humility by initiating or actively participating in a good cause.

Singing Bowls Advice

Lovely to hear of your Tibetan Singing Bowl interest and wanting to learn. I've added my notes for you, also here on line.
For decades I have studied with masters of sound and sound healing, including Tibetan monks. I have been to Tibet. 

 Buying and using Singing Bowls is NOT just an issue of using a wand on a bowl

although I do believe there are people that get away with that.......   :(  and sell themselves...
These people (and you may even know them) may also ORDER TIBETAN BOWLS without having personally listened to them, without having played them.    :(
They may not know anything about Sound Healing  :(    but may have created a pretty or serene space and wear a lovely garment... and charge for sessions.

In addition to those I’ve learned with, played with, I have also read many sound healing books, listened often to fine players, and on CDs, and been inspired on YouTube, AS YOU CAN DO. I hope you do.

As I said to you in person, INTENTION, KAVANAH is important as is wisdom and experience. 
I first talk to G*d. 

It is NOT me playing, but I am a channel for good energy. 
Just as when I play drums for spiritual temple services. 
I step out of the way...
I intuit.

If you have a wooden wand for Tibetan bowl, cover one end of it with cloth for a gentle sound. I have used felt. You may need to purchase separately a wand, or make one.

A rubber ring placed under the bowl to raise it may be helpful.
A pretty ethnic cushion to raise bowl may look lovely.

It is helpful to know what key your bowl is in.

Places you may possibly find Tibetan Bowls to purchase are mystical and 'new agey' gift shops. 
Self Realization Fellowship in Pacific Palisades may have them. Call and ask. Visit there and enjoy.
Any other Buddhist temples may possibly sell them. Call.
Call Hare Krishna places, maybe.

Follow Your Heart grocery in Woodland Hills may have them in their new age gift section, but they may not be old hand-hammered. They just may be little cute bowls as many gift shops may have. 

Maybe there are new age shops on Main Street, Venice that may have them. 

Ahhh, look up Globe Institute for Sound and Consciousness in SF for crystal bowls. 
i just now forwarded to you mail from them.
Them I would order from on line because they are reputable and do sound testing with you. 

I play the crystal bowl for Lev Eisha at annual retreat. I have played my full Tibetan set in years past for Lev Eisha.
At B’nai Horin, I play all the bowls, as I did also for Makom Ohr Shalom and Ahavat Torah. 
I’ve played them all for UCLA ArtsandHealing, REMO's Drum Day, etc.
See my main introduction page for places I play. 

I have only bought bowls that I can hold easily so I don’t hurt my hand. My drumming hands are important to me.
But a big enough old bowl that it can SIT alone and you don’t have to hold is wonderful. Then it SINGS A LONG TIME. THAT IS GOOD.

OLD hand-made singing bowls are best.
How do they resonate with you? 

For private healing sessions, always test bowls with people for sensitivity before playing them.

My at times playing partner, renowned Kabbalah Bach may remember name of a dealer in LA where she has bought. This person has been a vendor at LA GIFT SHOW. 
i’ve met her, played with her, but don't recall name.  

Kabbalah of Gaia Mama, played last week at Spiritual Unity Movement. 
Kabbalah offers sound sessions.
(818) 787-9015
(818) 909-0061

Any questions, feel free to contact me. 

I hope the above advice is helpful for you. 

With caring and
BlesSings for hearing, playing, seeing, vitality, health, wholeness, harmony & peace, revealed miracles, inspiration & creativity, discovery & wonder, blooming gardens, majestic sunrises, singing birds, love, laughter, joy and LIGHT,
JOY Krauthammer
"Serve G*d With Joy”

Serve G*d With Joy

"Ivdu Et HaShem B'Simcha"
© Joy Krauthammer