Joy Krauthammer ~ Sound Healer

Joy Krauthammer ~ Sound Healer ~ History with Wellness

My involvement in 'Jewish Wisdom and Wellness' is a major interest of mine.
At many of these events, I play Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

In 2013 I created and led Valley Death Cafe, looking at End of Life issues.
A group of women gathered to have a conversation about personal family experience at end of life, and we offered practical ideas to help with future plans.

Amongst other Jewish wisdom workshops I teach, for over a decade I offer workshops for Baby Boomers on :
Journeying from Mid-life to Elder & Sage
Wisdom Keepers & Mentors

I have studied Tahara with Chevre Kadisha (Bruce Bloom), and have served as Shomer.
My MBA is in Long Term Care from University of Judaism/American Jewish University (UJ/AJU).
 I was a medical social worker in Cumberland Hospital, Bedford-Stuyvescent, Brooklyn, NY.
For 18 years I served as Caregiver Angel Warrior.
I wrote and share an unpublished book on "Strategic Planning; Surviving as Caregiver". 
I serve on various Bikur Cholim/visiting the sick groups and daily I serve in this capacity.
For over a couple decades, I serve as Sound Healer, to those in need of alternative healing modalities.
With teacher David Kessler, student of Mother Theresa, I studied 'end of life' with Twilight Brigade - Compassion In Action, when the organization was young around 2000, learning to be present with the 'dying'.

I organized and offered the first healing workshop with several healer teachers at University of Judaism in 1992, during the wmen's conference I programmed, Timbrels of Miriam. First to be able to present workshop, I was asked to prove to the Board of Directors that healing exists within Torah.  Ever since then, healing workshops with rabbis are offered at AJU due to my providing "Torah proof of healing". 

Appropriately, Joy Krauthammer has had extensive experience working with older adults.  She has an M.B.A. specialty in Nonprofit Long-Term Care, and was a licensed New York medical social worker with a caseload at all times of 100 poor, elderly women in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area, which is Brooklyn’s equivalent of Harlem.  She has written the book Strategic Planning for the Caregiver and used material from this work in her counseling.  She was a “Caregiver Angel Warrior” for 18 years, from 1988 to 2006, while caregiving her husband of Blessed Memory, and Joy's book came out of this experience.  In the early 1990's, Joy trained to be a Bikkur Cholim volunteer (one who visits the sick) and trained in Tahara (the sacred water ritual purification and ritual dressing of the dead).  She has also been trained in Chevra Kadisha (care of the deceased).  She also served as a shomer or guard for the deceased—in Judaism, the dead are not allowed to be left alone from the time they die until they are buried—Joy sits with the hovering soul and may sing or read psalms or play the crystal singing bowls during this special time. She is well suited to teach the community how to participate in the Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom ritual as she was blessed by the ritual creator to do so, and I participated in one of her workshops a few weeks ago. Here’s Joy!

Although Joy does not play singing bowls as a volunteer member of LAFD's CERT/ Community Emergency Response Team, helping disaster victims come to wellness, she would if she could. 

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