Kalsman Institute, Jewish Wisdom & Wellness 2015 ~ Rabbi Sela and Joy Krauthammer

by the Kalsman Institute on Judaism & Health, and Cedars-Sinai

Praying for Healing, Praying for Mercy:
When faced with Illness, What are We Asking from G*d?
And Singing Bowls Meditation*

Rabbi Ahud Sela and Joy Krauthammer, spiritual percussionist

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
7:30 pm - 9 pm
 Temple Ramat Zion ~ 17655 Devonshire Stree, Northridge, CA 91325
No fee. All invited.

Rabbi Ahud Sela offers traditional Jewish wisdom for wellness. Praying for Healing, Praying for Mercy: When faced with illness, what are we asking from G*d, and how do we appeal?  We will examine different prayers for healing, from the Bible and Talmud, and explore the emotional motivations that cause us to cry out to G*d for ourselves and others.
Joy Krauthammer, MBA and spiritual percussionist, intuitively plays Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls for healing sounds and heart-felt prayer in meditation.  Sounds of Joy Singing Bowls offer participants a live experiential sound spa, a soothing massage of harmonic, lingering resonance and meditative sounds. Enjoy crystal and Tibetan singing bowls’ sound vibrations as they help center chakras, allowing for access to more joy, heart, love, unity, peace, and Oneness connection with soul and Source. Receive and feel higher enhanced, expanded states of consciousness filled with gratitude and compassion. Gongs, chimes, bells, ocean drums and rain sticks add to the pleasure of the relaxing sound bath and to our prayers.  

We may need serenity, courage, strengthening, restoring, hope and enlivening of body and/or soul, for a complete healing of soul and body (refuat haNefesh, u'refuat haGuf). Sound healing offers an opportunity for prayer other than using Hebrew and expressions of the heart. Joy's Crystal Singing Bowl is tuned to "F", the heart chakra, and helps to open hearts. While hopelessness, despair, and anger may become obstacles to verbal prayer, the vibrations of the singing bowls are desired for their serenity.

Together let's chant (Numbers, 12:13):
"EL NA REFA NA LA"  לה נא רפא נא אל  G*d, Please Heal Her, Please

Event is during the 4th week, Netzach, day 26 of the Counting of the Sephirat HaOmer. העומר  ספירת .  
In gratitude, we strive for healing and joy within the Sephirot energies of Hod sh b'Netzach.


For more info on this workshop, contact Rabbi Ahud Sela.
rabbisela@trz.org   (818) 360-1881

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Sound and Shadow video, Ripple Reflections II by Joy:

Joy's healing art and writing are on display:
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visit the Healing Art exhibit:
Kalsman Hebrew Union College, Virtual Art Gallery:
Art and HealingApril 28 - Aug. 28, 2015
Artists' Reception, April 19, 1-3pm
American Jewish University, Rare Books Library, LA, CA.

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Poster on display, Temple Ramat Zion

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